I learned this method of giving feedback from Manager Tools:

"When you did X, here's what happened.
next time, could you please do Y?"

What's the purpose of including the first sentence. why not just include the sentence about for next time?

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It's about maintaining focus on behaviors. "When you did X" identifies the wrong behavior, "Next time could you please do Y" shows the correct behavior.

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The first sentence is stated by the manager so the direct has an understanding of what X resulted in, in the eyes of the organization (the manager speaks for the organization, from the direct's perspective). If you leave that out, your "Next time" statement has no context of why you're suggesting that approach, and seems like "drive-by management".

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I wanted to add to the already great responses! 

Feedback is to encourage effective future behaviors, whether that is to continue to do a behavior or to change a behavior. In order to accomplish future behaviors, we have to identify very clearly what behavior we are giving feedback on. That is the "when you do x". X is identifying the behavior. The second part, "here's what happens" is the impact of the behavior. This part is to help your direct understand the outcome or the effect of the behavior. Helping your direct understand the impact of a behavior can be a good motivator to change or continue that behavior.

Hopefully this helps!