I've got a great performer. He's asked for a raise - and I support him. My manager says he wants a paragraph justifying this request, which he will pitch to HR or the executives. I haven't done this before. We haven't done annual reviews yet. What kind of info should I put in this paragraph?

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Seriously, if you know he is a great performer, you put the things that make him a great performer in the paragraph.  Better if you can quantify things and show how he adds value to the company.  Eg., met and exceeded business development standards for 6 straight quarters, reduced costs by 4% etc.

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I am not the worlds best writer and tend to overuse certain words when writing.  In order to help add some variety I picked up a copy of Effective Phrases for Performance Appraisals: A Guide to Successful Evaluations.  I used this book (there are similar ones on the market) to help add some variety and "punch" to my phrasing of the employee's accomplishments when preparing rationales as to why staff should be promoted or receive raises or cash awards. 

Steve Simmons

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Document the accomplishments, and their impact on the business.  "Wrote an application that lowered inventory 21%, saving $100,000 per year."  

John Hack