I recently had one of my directs come to me and ask to apply for an open position in another department.  I immediately told my direct that I would absolutely support him, as overall he has been one of the top performers on the team.  There are a couple of areas in his performance that I've been concerned with, namely he tends to cherry pick the easier tickets coming into our Help Desk queue.  However, overall he has been a solid performer.

The Manager over the other department has become a close colleauge, and in some respects a mentor.  He has asked my direct to prepare a UML of any process and deliver it before he would schedule an interview.  The other Manager essentially wants to see how much my direct knows about the duties of the open position.

I want to ensure my direct does well through the process as how he handles the process is reflective of the team and myself.  However I'm not sure how deep I should get involved.  Should I be following up on his deliverable?  Should I review the deliverable before he sends it over?  Or are these being to intrusive?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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I'm been managing IT help desks/service desk etc for 8+ years now.  And I have found that the more I assist my team in achieving their career goals the longer they stay in my team, and the harder they work, and the more support they give me.  (it's a little counter-intuitive to a lot of people, help them leave to get them to stay).

You give them advice, you help give them the framework for how to prepare, and answer question... but you don't DO their homework for them.