How can we make ourselves more visible if we have got the change to chat with the senior management in the elevator?

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I would go for something that I read in the Wall Street Journal that morning.

It's impressive if they just read it. It's more impressive if they have not read it yet. They will remember you when they do read it later that day.

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Fart or belch loudly. That increases visibility significantly. If you can't scare up a little gas, I'd go for spitting in the hand and shaking theirs. :lol:

In another thread I referred to a book called "Brag, the art of tooting your own horn without blowing it." In that book the author suggests have a 30 second "brag bag." The brag bag contains several 30 second brags that you can pull out and use at a moment's notice. This really isn't that unlike M&M's suggestions to keep your resume current and know what's pertinent on the resume. What are your most recent bullet points?

In short be prepared. If you're not prepared ahead of time, you might blow it. You really don't want to be visible for blowing it.

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From the Dale Carnegie "How to win friends and influence people" files, it is always appropriate to ask someone something about themselves.

"Are you still finding time for your ball room dancing?"

If you know something about the person or his/her family, asking how little Jaimie is or how Tommy is doing with his accordian lessons is good.

Asking if a child is still behaving like Paris Hilton or how their last stint in rehab was, not such a good idea.


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Easy ... talk to her about something that is important to HER. If you know something personal (and appropriate) about her, great. Key projects or initiatives she's sponsoring, and specific challenges she's worried about are good topics ... and then, what are you doing that helps HER with those items.

The key point -- spend less time thinking about what you can say about YOU and focus on HER.


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I always go for the business angle. I knew the VP of trading listened to talk radio the few times I had been in his office. I started listening and the next time I went in there I was able to talk about the host and mention a few others I had listened to.

Three weeks later I was promoted to the trading department.