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 In my last 6 interviews I've been asked this 50% of the time. (It is a PM job BTW). I keep thinking about my answer, and the more I think about the less I know what they are asking.

Are they asking my management style or leadership style? Or are they asking specifically about taking a project from A - Z. 

Initially I spoke at a higher level, but the last interviewer asked me to describe the phases of a project. So I'm stumped once again.

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 Your style is your manner of doing something.  Some manage projects with a waterfall approach, others use SCRUM.  There are many flavors of project management and this would be one type of response, although it wouldn't be very effective in an interview.

I'd probably respond with something like, "I use a traditional, waterfall approach for my infrastructure projects.  I start out with a high level WBS to aid in identifying stakeholders.  Then I assemble those stakeholders to define the project's mission.  This helps keep the entire project focused throughout the life cycle.  From there I select the project team, typically eight to ten people, although I have managed project teams as large as 20 before.  I hold weekly project meetings where we agree on the plan.  I prefer to define tasks as "Gives" and "Gets".  That means I don't define a task as, 'Document facility requirements' but rather as, 'Give confirmation facility requirements were documented and provided.'  Large tasks are broken down to smaller tasks which can be completed within one week.  Small tasks are combined into a single task which can still be completed within a week.  I find this helps ensure progress.  My project meetings move along at a rapid, professional pace and most people I work with appreciate that.  I provide minutes of each project status meeting within one hour of meeting end, and write a brief status memo to my boss, or other leadership, weekly.  I also maintain a project overview, status, and schedule PowerPoint deck which I update at least every other week.  This helps reduce my time to deliver when asked to present the status of my project in a staff meeting or to my boss' boss.  I've used this approach to ensure effective delivery for over 140 infrastructure projects, all of which were on time and within budget."

I'd probably also work in a specific  accomplishment from my resume too.  I think you get the idea.

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When can you start?  :)

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You don't have to look very closely to notice the hand prints of Mark, Mike, and Wendii on that response.


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My Project Management Style is Democratic. I have delivered many successful projects effectively and efficiently. How is autocratic style helps in delivering the project effectively? After project management style, which project management tools and templates in use is also important.



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Does anyone here have a quality "Go/No Go" meeting format that they use?  I am trying to get my team used to them and want various examples.






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