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I interviewed for a position on Friday. It felt like they were only luke-warm to me, that is they didn't show too much excitement about me. At least that is how I felt.

Before leaving the HR Manager said that they were still interested in me and would continue the process with me. The next step being some online testing. As my references were with my current employer they said they would hold off on them to they were ready to make an offer. One of my references called today saying they company had called them. So to me this means a) they are interested or b) someone did not get the instruction to hold-off on the references. When do most companies do references checks? Is it too early for me to start putting a transaction plan together?

Is it appropriate for me to send a small gift to my references? I am thinking a bottle of wine is in order for them.


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It's probably a good sign of the new employer's interest, but I hope there's no "collateral damage" because your current employer is now aware of your intent to move on.

Personally I would not send gifts. I would send a handwritten thank you, and treat the reference to a celebration lunch. But that's just me.


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I think different companies and different HR people do references at different (read: random) times and you can't read much into it.

Case in point: I was a reference for a college roommate whom I also worked on a project with. He recently applied for a job, used me as a reference, and they had already extended an offer which he had accepted. And THEN the HR manager called me to check his references. I don't know what they would've done at that point if I told them not to hire him....

- Steve