I'm interviewing for a promotion in a different organization in 2 weeks. I know it requires travel and I'm not adverse to some travel. But it will require travel in the world to very risky destinations. And it may require frequent travel across the globe. I'm not adverse to some travel, but too much doesn't work for my family situation, and to these risky parts of the world concerns me. If after the interview when I learn more, if I decide this is definitely not for me, do I call the hiring manager and HR person and say I want to take myself out of the running? Or do I wait for an offer (if it comes) and then decline? Thoughts?


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You should drop out of the process as soon as you're certain it isn't for you.  (My read of your question is that the offer won't change your mind.)

This is the professional thing to do.  The organisation is focussing a lot of resources into finding a suitable candidate.   If you stay in consideration with no intent to accept, you're wasting everyone's time, money, and effort (including your own).


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Thanks. That's what I was going to do after I read the advice. At the end of the interview, the interviewer (who I've know since I started at the company 18 years ago), said, "What question didn't we ask you that we should have?" (I'll have to use that one in the future!) I said, "Given the travel to high risk countries, do you have any issues with traveling?" or something like that. I was informed that yes, there could be travel, but it wouldn't be frequent and to date, the senior people have never traveled to those countries. There are others who do it and there hasn't been a need, but it could be possible. And if I wouldn't travel to certain countries due to the risk, that would be acceptable. My company takes this stuff very seriously. I had to watch a video on how to be a hostage...just to go to Canada! In the end, if I'm offered, and the offer is right, I'll definitely accept. Well, assuming the wife agrees too :) So far she's on board. Thanks again.