A situation occurred today I am embarrassed that ended up with a group of us in the general manager's office needing the big boss to ask why adults couldn't communicate. 

How do I begin to repair an internal relationship that's already severely damaged with a coworker? Do you ask what you've done to offend that person? It's possible it's poor communication (makes me think of the newsletter sent in December) Someone suggested apologizing but I don't know what I've even done to be wrong in the first place ... 

It's a complex story. I suspect this person won't talk to me anymore because I didn't take her advice with a difficult employee. This person kept telling me to find another way and avoid doing anything drastic. Difficult employee was ultimately let go after numerous coaching and counseling sessions with myself and management. 

Any suggestions would be helpful. I screwed up today and didn't understand the context of the original request. I didn't want to stop by her desk because each time I did in the last few days she gives me the cold shoulder or raises her voice. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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It's a very powerful tool for repairing relationships...if it's done right:

John Hack