When in the interview process do you start to negotiate the following?

  • Salary
  • Flexible hours
  • Vacation days
  • Sign-on bonus
  • Relocation packages
  • Work from home privliges

I'm thinking its after you get an offer, but I wanted to see what others have experienced.

Also, would it be better to communicate to the potential employer your needs up front, just to be courteous?



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Until you have an offer, you have no point of reference for any of those things. So you're right to wait for an offer to discuss any of those topics that need discussion.

Mentioning those topics up front is just another opportunity for the company to say no.

Mark's advice in the Interviewing Series about negotiating to get a better offer boils down to "Don't."

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As said above, wait until you have an offer.

This has nothing to do with courtesy. Interviewing and making offers and rejecting people is part of business; it does not inconvenience anyone and so this has nothing to do with courtesy. You can state your needs after you get the offer and see if you all can meet each other's needs. Stating needs before hand only gives them one more reason to reject you because they wonder if you all have mutual needs.

Also, if you ever get asked to accept an offer before they make you an offer, tell them you'll be happy to accept an offer once it is presented to you. I messed them up and lost an offer - on the other hand, I got a much better job instead.