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I'm in Indianapolis and am deciding between 22nd ranked Indiana University, 44th ranked Purdue University, and the unranked smaller Butler University. Purdue's program fits my goals closest. Many recommendations I see online say only get an MBA if you can get into a top-tier (top 5 I'm guessing) school.

Does anyone with a double-digit ranked MBA feel they couldn't gained more by skipping the MBA or getting a better one?



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 I received my MBA from Babson College in Boston, which is ranked no. 1 in entrepreneurship. Do you have a particular area where you want to focus? If so, you should look at the rankings for your preferred area of study. I am really interested in entrepreneurship, so I researched top schools for entrepreneurship. Good luck!



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Thanks for the input. I just got accepted to Purdue and am very excited about their OB/HR focus. I am now searching for a 6-month temp position to learn about the functions of an HR professional before I go to school in the fall.




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All the best for your future. You would have studied hard for your SAT prep, as it's not easy to get HR in Purdue. Hope you excel in your management life.

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Unless you go to a top 10 school where the people you meet can do as much to advance your career as what you learn, the results you can better achieve as a result of what you learn is most important.  

In other words, don't worry about the ranking, worry about what they can teach you.  

FWIW, I went to Purdue for undergrad and Drexel University (unranked) for MBA...and no regrets.