I was layed off last fall and was unemployed for 5 months.  I landed a position with a local firm that is a step up in responsibilities but the company is very small, about one-third the size of the product line I managed at my Fortune 100 company.  I also had to take a 30% pay cut to get the job and it is a real strain to make ends meet.

How soon is too soon to begin planning my next move?  Four months is hardly enough time in this position but I am not confident in the management team and their hiring/firing routine is suspect.

Thank you.


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18 months is usually a good guidelne. It gives you enough time to have settled into the culture and achieved some strong accomplishments without looking like you were just biding your time to leave.

That said, in today's ecomony is may take you several months (or more) to find something new anyway, so you may want to start looking anyway.