I had a phone interview yesterday (if you can even call it that) with the immediate supervisor and I have phone interviews with the COO and a VP within five days.  At what point should I start the note/phone call/email follow-up process?

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I would write your thank you note now, maybe call on Monday to thank him for the interviewing opportunity on Friday.  He'll get your note on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I wouldn't use email for a thank you.

I would also have notes ready to write immediately after your interviews with the COO and VP.  I keep a package of Thank you cards in my desk, and I end up writing a couple per week.

Good luck next week on your interviews.

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Thanks for the good wishes.

I'm going to drop the handwritten note in the mail today and start the process.

By the way, the email is the third tier follow-up recommendation in the MT interviewing series.  Only to be used after the handwritten note and phone call.  There's no way it would be the first or even second thing I do to follow up!


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