After a long time in a corporate environment, I decided to strike out on my own. That didn't work. Now after two years, I'm back in the job market. My problem is, I don't have any accomplishments to speak of during this two year period. How would I structure the accomplishments part of the resume for this time period? (I'm fine with the admin and responsibilities.)

I am fully prepared to address this in both the cover letter and interview. This was a total change of professions and just flat didn't work out.

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Perhaps scanning past emails for the two years you were on your own you will come up with accomplishments. Did you land *any* clients? In some cases, I suspect, merely closing a deal for a certain dollar amount constitutes an acomplishment.

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It's actually a perspective. What you consider not an accomplishment for others it may be. The only important thing is just do your best and try to excell.



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