I am now exploring opportunities and looking for the best way to follow up with a VP (#3 at company) who took me to dinner 2 weeks ago, and who I've known for 2 years,

Two years ago (Apr 2011) I posted about interviewing with this VP. After the 2nd interview, my wife told me she was pregnant and folks here suggested I pull out before an offer was made. The recruiter called me for months afterward ssying they could not find anyone, but I was hesitant to leave my big company with good benefits, and because my project was going well. Here was that post:
In Jan 2012 I was contacted by a different recruiter representing a different company about a job. My resume never made it to the hiring manager, but it turns out the hiring manager was the above VP's daughter.
I still kept in touch with this VP and in May 2012 he and I went out dinner. We met up at a conference in June 2012 several times and also had dinner. While he did confirm about his daughter, we didn't really talk about jobs. I E-mailed him a few times last fall but didn't hear back.
Of recent at my company, my project is not going forward, and I have decided it is time to leave. I sent him an E-mail about 4 weeks ago telling him I was thinking of leaving. He wrote that we needed to get together for dinner. We met 2.5 weeks ago. When I arrived at his company, he invited me inside and told me he was going to talk to #2 about bringing me in because next year they want to develop products around my area of specialization. He gave me a tour of their new facilities. We had dinner and talked about lots of things. How he started a business a long time ago, his technical struggles with trying to copy the product at my company that I support (I didn't say anything). I mentioned that it sounds like he has a lot of staff now and questioned if they had opportunities. He said opportunities could always be created because he wants to take the company from 400 million to 1 billion by the end of 2015. When we ended close to 10 PM he said he'd check if there were opportunities.
A few days later, I sent him information he requested, and a week later, sent him info on an event he had asked me about that was just scheduled. I have not heard anything since. I do know these folks are extremely busy and travel to India a lot. When I interviewed 2 years ago, I remember that #2 wanted to call me and the only time he was available were on Sunday nights. I think not hearing anything is making me wonder if I "said the wrong thing," but I have known him for so long, or regret I didn't go over to them 2 years ago, but the timing just wasn't right.  
Any suggestions on what/if I should do anything would be appreciated. This Thursday I leave for vacation and won't be back until Jun 7, so I guess I could  forget everything during then.
Meanwhile, I am continuing to tap my network: I talk to about two recruiters or contacts a week about jobs. People think I have a great resume, and have no doubt I'll find something good, but it is still discouraging that often the employers want the exact experience which I may not have. The main reason I am looking is there is no advancement in my job, and no recognition for results delivered. Many people have left since 2011, and I stuck it out because I had faith in my project, but now it is not going forward. I'm on my 7th boss in 7 years too.

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Send a thank you note for the dinner and how much you appreciated his sharing his story with you.  Don't ask for anything, just express thanks.  There are podcasts on thank you notes in case you haven't listened to them.

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A few days after our dinner, I did send him a thank you and congratulated him on much the company had grown and hoping he can reach those ambititious sales goals. I also attached a recently published paper of mine that he had asked for, and links to a blog I follow that he asked for and how much I enjoy reading the blog.

He had asked me about this one event, and a week after sending the above E-mail, I got an E-mail about the date / location of the event. So I sent him another E-mail letting him know about that.

Oh my, now I'm wondering if I wrote that E-mail wrong. Let me read it to my wife to see.

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The thank you note should be hand written and from your reply below, it sounds like you emailed it. 

Here is the link to the podcast.  After that, followup in a couple of months.  He knows you, if he needs you he will contact.  Don't push too hard. Good luck!