from listening to the pod casts I thought if I joined I'd have access to actual templates. Specifically I'm looking for the one on one templates mentioned in that podcast. Can someone help me understand where to find them.

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Training Badge

Click on the Podcasts tab above, then on Manager Tools Podcasts.  Then select the relevant podcast.  Templates associated with that podcast should be there. 

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is ther a way to access the older podcast that are not showing up on Itunes store?

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The Members Only feed contains all of the podcasts released under the Manager Tools banner, including the early Career Tools podcasts. A discussion of the Member Only feed that includes the feed link itself is at If you listen to the "1st Anniversary Cast" - Manager Tools 7/2/2006, Mike and Mark discuss the growth of Manager Tools and the need to remove some of the older casts from the feed to conserve bandwidth.


Steve Simmons