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Hi all, my organization is facing an incredible amount of resignations as of late, luckly not my direct area, but my peer managers are definately feeling the pain and are being left surprised.  Upon review of the show notes for podcast "Top Ten Hiring Mistakes - Mistake #10 - Being Surprised - Part 1" I mentioned that MT would

"deliver separate guidance on how to do a simple retention analysis. It will be its own cast, and perhaps more than one. And we will also make available our Manager Tools Retention Tool (MTRT) for licensees. For those of you who have used our Interview Creation Tool know how powerful these tools can be. The MTRT will make it so easy that doing them quarterly for each of your directs will be easy."

I'd appreciate any guidance/help for this. :)

Thanks in advance


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But it is in our future plans still.  

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Hi MT Team and fellow listeners, has an update on this product/tool be released? I also listened and read the show notes for this and would be VERY interested in this.  Thanks for the help!

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Another vote and gentle bump for more content on this topic.