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After 8 rounds of interviews the company told me they decided not to hire me. Now I just got an email from the person that initially referred me asking for confirmation of my certifications saying that he was appealing the decision to a higher executive. "We need your skills."

Does this happen? Does this ever work? Would you take a job offer after something like this?



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 Of course this happens.  There are a lot of managers in the world, and a lot of organizations.  There are many, many permutations and all of them have been tried before.

I'm sure it rarely works.  It might work this time.  I'd give it 1:200 odds.

I might take a job after something like this... if there was something to take.  You haven't been offered anything yet, so I'd advise not rejecting it yet.

If you're like me, something about this doesn't pass the smell test.  I recommend quantifying what you don't like about this and developing a handful of questions that will help you determine if this is a reverse career move for your perspective boss, or if you've stumbled upon a truly open workplace where challenging an executive decision has merit and is viewed as an expected behavior in the culture.


  Good luck!