I am brand new to management and manager tools. I have just be recently appointed to a management position in a physical/occupational therapy department in a hospital.

I have really enjoyed the podcasts, but I am having trouble finding the location of information mentioned in the podcasts (i.e. One on One review sheets, Cornell note taking sheet etc). These items are discussed in the podcasts, and often Mark and Mike say they will post them on the website. My question is where on the website?


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Most of the information is attached at the bottom of the entry associated with the podcast it's referred to in, usually in a section headed "Extra Content". Go to the [url=]full list of podcasts[/url] and follow the links the podcast entries you're interested in and usually links to the documents will be there. Some of the newer content (mostly slides and transcripts) are premium only but from what I've seen all the stuff that used to be free still is.

For example the docs for O3s are attached to this entry:

I hope that helps