Can you help we where to put my certifications on my resume? Or should they be on it at all?

I understood from the podcasts, that "learning" is not an accomplishment by itself, only in the context of results.

I am a project manager and worked as a consultant and programmer before.

Currently I have a list of 8 certificates at the bottom of my resumte, but I assume, that's not the right way (e.g. wasting space):


  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM), 2011

  • Project Management Professional (PMP), 2009

  • ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, 2009

  • ISEB / ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing, 2009

  • OMG Certified UML Professional Fundamental (OCUP-F), 2009

  • Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE), 2008

  • Sun Certified Business Component Developer (SCBCD), 2008

  • Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), 2007


Should I leave them off the resume completely, leave them there or refer to them in the results?

I could imaginge adding them to the results in two ways:

1. In another accomplishment: "Finished project XY in-time, in-budget, and in-scope using PMI principles (PMP certification in 2009)

2.On its own: "Project Management Professional (PMP), 2009"

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 I do not recall any advice on certifications on the podcasts. I think it would depend on what the job description asks for. 

- It ask for certifications: go for 2., list them separately (after professional experience for example). This is likely that they are keywords that the Applicant Tracking System or/and the hiring manager will be looking for.

- no demand for certifications: sprinkle them, when relevant with the achievement descriptions. I saves on space for other relevant information.

Just my humble opinion though!

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Add them as a accomplishment bullet.  Here's mine:

  •  Completed Project Manager Professional Certification.  

The recruiter may miss it if you bury it in another accomplishment.  It doesn't really follow the ACTION VERB -- RESULT -- METHOD format  recommendation.   I also think it diminishes the impact of the original bullet.

For the project manager example -- you don't have to be a PMP to follow the PMBOK.   Indicating that you used PMI principles is important rather than AGILE, PRINCE2, etc.

You probably want to limit your certs to what's required or relevant to the specific posting.

Good luck!!


P.S.  -- just realized that I said the same thing as FAFOURNIER, only differently.

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"Say something 7 times and half of your people will say they've heard it once." 

A little reformulation can never hurt.

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"Say something 7 times and half of your people will say they've heard it once." 

A little reformulation can never hurt.

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You're right - certificates either go in your accomplishments as a result in and of themselves: 'Completed Prince 2 certification by distance learning in 4 months' or as part of another accomplishment: 'Delivered X project on time, on budget using Prince 2 principles'.

If a job description specifically asks for the qualification, include it in your cover letter too. For example 'you require a Prince 2 certification, I have that'.

Well done for extrapolating from 'it's all about the results' to the right conclusion.


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 That is a wonderful way to present certs.  It clearly shows that I, unlike the 1000s of others, know the value of the knowledge and training.  "You" passed a test, I accomplish things.  Boom!

Love it,