Please help,


I'm looking to purchase a Pocket PC in the near future to help my organisaton around meetings (syncing with out look), reviewing docs without having to log into my laptop etc.

I'm looking to spend around £200 - £250 ($330 - $410).

Does anyone have any advice on what to go for, or even what not to go for??





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I have had Toshiba's Pocket PC for six years now and I quite enjoy it.  One of the reasons I got this one is because it has mini-Microsoft products on it.  I can use and access Excel and Word. Some models have Wi-Fi capabilities (I actually have one of each.) 

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Had my dell axim x3 since 2004, same as ASH in reliability problems.

Had a Casio(peia) before that, with Windows CE it was an early app.  Still a must have device if youre not an iphone-er.


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Cheers for the reply  gents.

I presume any updated version of either the Toshiba Pocket PC or Dell axim would be recommended then??


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Yes...Their support and accessories are available for a while.


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I have Sony pocket PC.