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Hello all,

  I'm still fairly new to Manager Tools.  I attended the conference in L.A. back in the summer and I've gone through most of the basics podcasts (Trinity and some interviewing ones).

  I've just been handed a fairly large project to manage with a fairly quick deadline (end of December).  Which Manager Tools podcasts should I start with to gain some tips on being an effective project manager?  A co worker handed me The Art of Project Management for some reading to do.  I know full well this can't be learned overnight, but I hope to at least start working on this skill set.  Thank you all

David Marley

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 Have you listened to this series?

John Hack

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I figured those would be a good place to go since they have the title right in the name :-)  If there are anyothers you would recommend please let me know.  Thanks John.

David Marley

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I concur with jhack.

Applying the principals detailed in these two casts will improve project groups. Go get 'em!