We are wondering - who is responsible for training employees of department processes using applications?

IT or their department resource?


What do you do at your company?

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 It would depend on the application. I conduct most of the training for my function. IT may know how the system works but not have a workin knowledge of how the system works in that area. I would recommend using your SME's to develop training aids if necessary. 

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 "Who can deliver the best training experience to the end-users?" That's the question I think you need to answer. Is it IT, or another department, or a hybrid?

I head the CRM Department in my six-state division. Our corp IT department is responsible for the technology part of CRM and they train the trainers including those in my department who provide the actual training to end-users. As for other software training, IT provides input, but it's either handled through our Learning Management System (maintained by our training department) or handled by individual departments.