Hello everyone;


Who said the following quotes?

"Intellectuals focus on being right, professionals focus on being effective."

"In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king."

I heard the first one recently in a podcast (can't remember which one or I would go back and listen to it), the second I hear all of the time on the podcasts but have never found the author of the line, nor can I find it (or the first one) online.

Thanks, please feel free to correct either of them if I typed them wrong.


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I put this query, in quotes, into Google: 

"Intellectuals focus on being right, professionals focus on being effective."

and got back just one result..... your post!  

I have no idea. 

John Hack

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 I believe the quote was "Stop focusing on being right, and start focusing on being effective.  And right is not always being effective...."  The quote is around 20-minutes into the "Disagreeing with your Boss" (Part I) cast.

See this thread:

This cast is from October of 2009.



As far as the "one eyed man is king" quote, there are several occurrences.

Check "Staff Meeting Delegation and Succession Planning", "Coaching/Feedback Template For Presentations", "Favorite Candidate Interview Preparation", and "Race Don’t Chase" for starters.



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1. A professional.

2. Erasmus