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I am currently the manager of a 12 person department, we are looking to grow to about 20 people by 2010 due to brining more work in house and business growth. With the growth I do not think I can effectively do O3s for 20 people. Currently we do not have a "assistant manager" type roll in my department, but we do have a few "team lead" positions. These team members work with 4-6 employees and act in a project manager / trainer roll. The employees under them report to them for the projects they are working on and any "maintenance" / trouble shooting times that come up.

I have been debating having the Team Leads do the O3s for the employees they work with and one a month schedule O3s with these team members. The Team Leads and other staff that does not report to a team lead would still have weekly O3s.

What is your opinion on this idea?

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One thought: you're not going to grow from 12 to 20 in one big move. You might consider keeping your current apporach to O3's until it becomes implausible. By then, your company may permit you to make the team leads into managers, or some obvious manager candidates will have identified themselves through accomplishments, etc.

A lot can happen between now and 2010!


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I've been approached to move to a team where the leader has about 12 people, but sometimes more as workloads demands as agency workers.

He can't keep up with the technical workload and the people workload so I've been asked to help out to improve efficiency by co-ordinating the team on their matrix work.

One of the key things I want to do is get straight in with O3's. I'm not sure the leader wants me 'playing' with the people thought...I think he wants to keep the pastoral care to himself.

But for me, O3's are the whole deal, pastoral understanding of those working with you will help performance...

For me, I think a day a week spent with O3's is worth it, it's your job to manage and is pretty darn key to managing IMHO.

As the guy before said, do it til you physically can't manage it.