Hi all!


I am about to take over a small team (7 or 8 directs). It is my first official position after a few acting positions.


As an avid MT listener, I will make sure I will be implementing the trinity (currently it is not being done due to there being no manager, though it is accepted and part of the company vision, which is a HUGE bonus).


The store is setup as a customer service store mainly, as part of the company's customer service strategy (it is a high traffic area but not a high sales area). Senior management understands that sales will not be high, and have accounted for this in the overall budget (the company is big enough to spread the cost), and the return in customer satisfaction is huge.

Currently, the team is quite unmotivated as they end up earning a bit less than other higher sales stores. They don't seem to understand that customer service is the biggest focus for the store (either that or they don't care). Most have transferred from sales stores, so I can understand this point of view (i myself am coming from a high sales store)


I want to implement a High performance culture in the store. I still want sales to be a focus, as well as customer service. As a MT listener I know i need to implement the trinity and embed a team environment.


My question is (sorry for the long explanation), how do I cultivate a team environment, when whole team meetings are out of the question.

The store is a 7am to 8pm 7 days a week business, so getting the team together is very tough.


Should I get the team all together even if it will be late? Or is there something else I should do to promote team playing in this circumstance?


As i said before, i will implement the trinity, so I know this will help, but I believe that the full team should meet regularily.


Sorry if my post was confusing, but I would really appreciate MT members opinions. Also if anyone has any tips on motivating my team despite the money variance (which, even despite the team earning less that other stores, they still are earning above average money). Getting them all pay rises is out of the question, and not the point I think.