I have been doing O3s with my staff for nearly a year now, and I've decided to do a little reset because I just purchased the license to access all content, which has made it easier for me to get up to speed. I'm making mostly small changes, such as reducing the time we've scheduled and allowing the directs to select a time slot from a set of slots. There is one thing I do not see advice about, and that's the question about who should actually schedule the meeting. I've decided to let my directs schedule the meeting because 1) my experience over the past year has indicated that most times we have to reschedule it's due to the direct and so I want them to have that measure of control and 2) I want them to know that it's *their* meeting and 3) I will have to really think twice before asking to reschedule because it will be a bigger PITA. 



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Hmmm. How much advance notice have you been getting prior to the rescheduled O3 meeting?

Your time is valuable too. Refer to Managerial Economics: (about 4 minutes)

O3s are important. It is vital that O3s are not skipped because folks get "too busy." Also, if you have sufficient advance notice so that *your* productivity is not affected by the cancellation then you are probably OK having the direct reschedule the meeting.

If your direct works with your admin to reschedule...even better.

The situations I seek to avoid are when I am prepared to meet with a direct and there is a "last minute" rescheduling. Thought such situations happen, your directs must also know that *you* reserve time to meet with *them* regularly, and, therefore the meetings are important and must not be cancelled or rescheduled casually.



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That is helpful. I think that the risk to me is minimal, and if I think they're just trying to bail due to lack of interest, I'll decline the cancellation and bring my own agenda. ;) 

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] bail due to lack of interest,

That is a different problem...and there are podcasts for such matters:

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