Someone in my network pointed this out to me.  It's basically an extension for the Google Chrome browser that puts a button on the toolbar.  When you're on a company website and click on the button it scans LinkedIn for people who work at the company who's site it is, if you enter your LinkedIn login it will also show how closely linked they are to you. 

This might be useful if you need a contact in that company (maybe you would like to work there or they are a potential customer).  You click the button and look at who is a 1st level connection, if there are any yiou can message them direct.  If the closest is a second level then find how they're connected to you and ask them to forward your message.

I have been signed up with it since yesterday and have already found it useful.

The URL to get the extension is: 

DISCLOSURE: That URL is a referer link so if if you follow it they will know you were referred by me and it will be logged towards my total.  There are rewards for users who refer the largest numbers of new users, it's fairly new and they're trying to build their userbase.  You can use and it won't log a referral if you prefer.



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Interesting tool. Definitly going to try out.

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 is it only for Chrome?  the concept sounds interesting.


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 Looks like it's only for Chrome right now.  You could contact the developers via their website if you are particularly interested in using it on a different browser.  Also, I'm not aware of an equivalent product for another browser but that doesn't mean there isn't one.  I searched the Firefox addons for any mention of LinkedIn and nothing similar came up.



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