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On your "Giving Feedback" podcast you mentioned managers should first learn how to give feedback before learning how to delegate.

Why is this? Is it because feedback is the most frequent type of communication managers should be doing?

I would be curious to hear from you what would be the best sequence of topics a new manager should learn.


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The reason you want to know feedback before you delegate is that when you do delegate, you're probably going to be stretching your directs, and so you're going to have to give them a lot of feedback, BOTH positive and negative.

When folks do new stuff, more feedback is the most effective learning accelerant there is. This is why you don't need to "send" people to development jobs, or to classes (for the most part). You just need to give them more and bigger things to do.

Regarding what sequence for our "topics", you CAN learn them in any order. They all stand alone. If you use just one, you'll be a better manager than not doing so. That said, I would put the Professional Trinity of O3s, Feedback, and Coaching, in that order. O3s create the relationship, Feedback establishes the professional development environment, and coaching gives you a path for growth.

Hope this helps!


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I like your "Trinity of Manager Professional Development." If I do nothing else well, if I do those three well, I must be doing something right.

It helps me to think of O3's/feedback/coaching as the best form of professional development, vs. training, books, projects.