I have read and found very compelling the "One Minute Manager" and would like to know what the general thoughts are of the techniques used in that book. To me, they do somewhat reflect the management techniques described by the Manager Tools team, with some variation. When combined with the Situational Leadership approach, it appears on paper that it would be effective. Has anyone been able to perform a side by side comparison in real time.

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I like the One Minute Manager.  I've seen some managers use it, and it works.  it's pretty simple, though...and, in my opinion, though clearly I'm biased, it's TOO simple.  We don't think it scales well, like the Feedback Continuum does, nor does it get integrated into coaching, etc.  I think situational leadership is good, too..but it requires diagnosis of where someone is by managers.  That's a hard thing to teach together with the coaching.  As well, it really doesn't TEACH coaching.  It tells us to coach, but doesn't really define that specifically, as I recall.

And, I'm a little biased about really simplified books.  I think they go a little too far to make it easy.  That said, it IS a classic, and it makes a lot of sense, and if I saw a manager using it, I'd pat them on the back and say keep going.

When I used it, I thought it was a little too light, and it left me wanting more tools to guide my directs.  I've never seen anyone use it for a long time (part of that is because it's just a book), so there may be MANY out there who swear by it BECAUSE they use it every day.

It IS compelling, and if you feel good about it, try it, and let us know your results.  Ken Blanchard has provided many great management ideas, and we like his approach in general.

Isn't diversity grand?


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I second that.  One Minute Manager was a great help when I first started out.  Mr. Blanchard's compelling style motivated me to try harder, and eventually, in some ways, it led me to finding manager-tools (in the quest to constantly learn and grow).

And, One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey was an eye-opener for me.  Now it's one of those books that I gift to other managers when I see them looking frantic for several weeks in a row. 

Great recommendation, especially for neophytes!

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Not a fan of the business parable.  Lencioni is another one that puts out these annoying big type, short stories.  Once there was a manager...blah blah blah

The advice is sound but the presentation kills it for me and that makes it hard to read.

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Me too Amanagertool.

If I wanted to read I story I'd get a Dr Seuss book out.  Mark's plain speaking way hits the nail on the head for me. Ok so he uses the odd illustrated example now and then to prove a point, but at least it's not janet and john!

ps I read the OMM and thought it could've fitted on one slide.  It's good but who has time (now) to read all that fluffy stuff.



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is what I always want to say about half a chapter into any of these business parable books. I thought it was just me. I majored in English Lit way back when; if I want to read fiction about business, I'll pick up Dickens. These biz parables don't hold a candle.

If I wanted to be really cynical, I'd say it's just a way to get a book's worth of money out of an article's worth of information.

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Also agree about getting a book out of an article. :)


For me, the MT podcasts are great to listen to first time round as it puts it all in context - but it's the slides I always refer back to.



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It may not work for you, and yet it works for others.  There are many paths...

John Hack

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There are many paths to enlightenment, grasshopper. :)

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Thank you all for the fine feedback. I am not currently a manager (long story that I may, or may not, put into my profile), but my time as a manager was supported at the company I worked at with a library which all employees were encouraged to utilize. The OMM was required reading by the "help department" for all mgnt. I had heard that "OMM meets the Monkey" was a very good book, and I also read some spinoff books from OMM, namely "The One Minute Father", which I found VERY helpful for me in raising my son. I am very proud of how he turned out.

I do like the positive reinforcement approach of both sources (One Minute and Manager Tools) and will be reviewing the "reading section" of the site to get additional ideas.

Again, thank you all for your answers.

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If you want to learn why nobody loves the One-Minute Manager anymore, you should read The 59-Second Employee: How to Stay One Second Ahead of Your One-Minute Manager


Steve Goodhall, MSCS, PMP