I have just run across this piece of advice: 

but somehow question the validity. 

1) The interviewer 'owns' the meeting, and 'owns' their questions. 

2) In line with the 'keep negative feedback towards your manager limited', I'd feel that this is not a good place and time to start calling your potential next manager. 

3) An interview, and this question in particular, is not a place for false modesty.

… or is there support for the thesis of the article? 



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I found the advice in the article terrible.  And would definitely put a mark against anyone who answered it in the way suggested.   As Mark oftens says, interviewing is a sales situation.  The interviewer has an expectation of being sold, especially when asking this question.  The question really is asking a candidate to evalute themselves and the position, and explain how their strengths fit those needs. If the role is for a sales person, and they cannot answer this question, how would they answer it about their product or service.  I found many of the comments to be terrible too.  Especially those that try to read into what the company is going to be like based up on this question.