...or will members who subscribed during the [i]free[/i] window always be able to access it through the website?

btw...I am so pumped about this content and the best thing is that since my wife is interviewing she won't question the cc charge!!

sholden's picture


It is my understanding from Mike and Mark's comments at the San Antonio Manager Tools conference in September 2007 that the subscription to the Interview series is a long term commitment from them to keep the material available and add future content to the Interview series customers.


mauzenne's picture

Steve's got it right ... once you purchase the Interviewing Series, it's yours for life. In addition, we'll be ADDING to the content over time. Stay tuned!


WillDuke's picture

I hope that means I finally get to learn how to spit-shine my shoes! :)

pmoriarty's picture

[quote="WillDuke"]I hope that means I finally get to learn how to spit-shine my shoes! :)[/quote]

WillDuke's picture

Thanks! But there's no spitting. :(

pmoriarty's picture

[quote="WillDuke"]Thanks! But there's no spitting. :([/quote]

It's actually not good for the leather. It also omits what used to be called "burning your boots", which involves heating the leather before the initial thick coat.

WillDuke's picture

I took some time to do a web search on "spit shining." Wow, who knew this was such a debatable topic.

I found a guy (airman?) who spent the time to put up pictures and everything for new cadets! [url][/url]

It looks like this might be a hotly contested debate, like Macs vs PCs or the best cornbread, or the best chicken wings. :)

wendii's picture

See, that's what I love about the internet ... everything you never knew you didn't know......and some more!

Thanks Will for that interesting insight into the world's psyche!


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Some day when you catch me at the Effective Manager 201 conference, remind me to tell you about my *secret* on shining shoes (I regularly almost always outdid the upperclassmen when I was a beanhead at the Point) ... but I *will* tell you one part ... the secret was Brasso. :-) Of course, you might want to hear about the *how* with Brasso first. Don't try this at home, folks! ;-)


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Wow, after reading the forum posts...I may just stick with a satin finish. :-)