I have been contacted by the Win Management group.  They are an executive marketing firm in that they are paid by the executives looking for placement instead of the by the companies.  Does anyone have any experience with them?  

Their pitch is that they put together an "executive profile"  beyond the simple resume and use that to market their clients.  I do not have any other relationships with recruiters.  I am working on that as well.  


Thanks in advance!

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My own experience with this type of company hasn't been good.  I was given a single price for a complete package.  The package was all stuff I could do myself.  Having someone else do some of the heavy lifting had its appeal, however I was required to purchase the entire package and couldn't cherry pick what I wanted.  Interestingly, the cost wasn't the primary reason for not working with them.

They wanted me to make considerable changes to my resume to hide aspects some might consider as negative.  One specific example was to remove several years of experience to make it appear I was younger.  In the end, I decided I wouldn't want to interview a candidate from them as a hiring manager, so I wouldn't want them to represent me to my perspective employer.

  Good luck,

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Mike and Mark have said not to pay this kind of agency before, but beyond that, they're likely going to blanket mail your resume.  This of course means that you can't customize it or the cover letter.

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 Thanks Guys.  My gut instinct was exactly that, but I wanted to be sure.  Now "that the word is out" that I am in the market for a new position, I am getting hit from tons of angles and most of them seem to be pretty bogus.


Keep up the great work!


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I was contacted by them today.  There is nothing on their website that identifies who they are in any way -- what do they have to hide?   ... and best of all:  they claim to have been in business since 1988, yet their URL was registered less than 6 weeks ago ... with private registration.  I'm with "Bad Idea".

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 As soon as I started asking them questions, their approach changed significantly.  I  haven't heard from my "representative" at all after I told him that I was going to check them out beyond the references that he provided.  Red flags everywhere you turn.  

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They claimed to only rep C-Level folks.  What level(s) are the people here who have been contacted?

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I was contacted via cold call by WIN today by a dude that wanted to set up an appointment to speak with a specialists the next day.  I had no idea who this firm was and after probing a bit learned that they were fee based executive marketing firm (that was not disclosed as I was being pushed to confirm the appointment).  I told the dude that I wanted to do my own research before investing/wasting anyone's time.  He continued to be pushy (I guess he needed to meet his appointment quota for the day) and finally just hung up on me when I told him it was not OK that for me to spend 30 minutes getting the sales pitch without me first doing my own homework.

Unprofessional is a kind description of my initial interaction with WIN.

As the poster above suggested, stay away from these guys.  My initial impression/interaction suggests that they are bad news!