I've missed MT more than you can guess the last few days....

Thanks, Mike, for your ongoing dedication (particularly in the face of my whimpering).

mauzenne's picture

AWESOME! Glad to see you back!

Needless to say, the last couple of days have not been the most pleasant (for me or my family ... they'd say, especially them!).

Just happy to see the changes we implemented are starting to make a difference.

Sorry again for the troubles! I'm definitely going to make some changes going forward to 1) reduce the chances of a problem, and 2) improve resolution times.

Thanks for your patience!


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Oh Julia! Were you doing the 'press return again..manager tools can't be down.. it's never down... stupid computer... be calm.... just press return again...' shuffle too?

Mike, it's the first time in all the 18 months I remember it being down, you're doing a great job. Just hand out MT branded tranqualisers next time and we'll be fine!


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Ha! Thanks, Wendii!

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Oh, Wendii, I was worse...

F5, what is going on, F5, hrm, check this, can't resolve, what? ohboy, dig dig dig, email Mike with much whining, wash, rinse, repeat!

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I just emailed Mike about a blog comment to the effect of, "I can't live without my Manager Tools fix". I told him that it was funny that an outage could lead to a good thing..but reading notes like that one and these make me glad to be doing what we do.

Truly: thanks for the kind words.


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I believe the email I sent to Mike said something to the effect of, "I'm dying here!" It was a difficult two days.

I really look forward to peeking in on the forums throughout the day. Thank you for doing what you do (because I wouldn't have forums to miss if it weren't for you two).

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Mike and Mark,

I have been listening to and using your casts for 2 years+ now. I have to say that it has been the single most useful tool I have.

In fact, I have just been recruited to a new organization and taken a big step up! The things I have learned on your PODCAST were a major factor in my being selected for the job.


If you ever find yourself in Phoenix.....look me up.


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Well done! Credit always goes to the one in the ring.


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I have to echo everyone's comments. As I go through the job search process, reading the forums really helps me focus and keep my brain working at a professional level. I am confident it will give me an edge in the interview process.