I am having a difficult time finding a podcast that I can share with my admin which is starting next week. I want to set the stage correctly from the beginning. I bet there is a podcast for that. Can you please help?

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Yes, there are several.

  • three-parter from 29 May 2006 "Effective Executive, Efficient Assistant"
  • one-parter from 5 Nov 2006 "Your Admin and Your Email"
  • two-parter from 30 Aug 2009 "Admin Trip Folders"
  • one-parter from 7 Nov 2010 "Calendar Changes and Your Admin"

On the site here, click on "Podcasts" menu, "ALL Podcasts" item to reach a page listing (and linking to) all the podcasts to-date.

-- Joseph

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I think it would be helpful to have the admin listen to these I have not been able to figure out how to share these podcaqsts, DO you have any tips on this?

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Have your admin go straight to the website and search for the titles. She's probably nonexempt if she's in the US, which means she'll need to listen to them on company time. She can do that at her desk if she has headphones.