Dear Managers,

Two weeks ago I started something against the normal "manager-tools" approach.

I remember one cast on managing remote directs and the difficulties arising from it. In my case, I have two directs where one is located about 3000 km from me and the other one about 200m away. I am regularely on travel, which makes it a little bit more demaning to keep in touch. 101s, skype, telephones etc. do a great job and I have a good relationship to both of them. 

Now one thing on the team spirit. Some things can only happen effectively in a face to face communication. Going out for lunch in the canteen is extremely valuable. I supports the relationship. But what about this element for remote teams? For me being a high D; I can live with it ;-); while having a High I and A high S as coleguages I needed a new channel of communication beside of bi-annual or quarterly face to face mreetings.

We installed the TGIF Meeting. One hour on friday afternoon on Skype. Each member comes with a cup of coffee or tea to their computer and we chat on skype "videoconference". No Agenda - except have fun. No meeting minutes. Only starting on time and finishing on time.

The feedback is great so far. It helps the team communication and to strengthen the relationship.

Did you make similar experiences?

Looking forward to hear fom you.