I'm just back from one of my best ever experiences in my professional career!  I attended the London effective managers & communication conference (my first MT conference) and I cannot possibly find a big enough thank you card for Mark, Mike & Wendi for hosting the event! I meet a lot of fantastic people & really enjoyed my time there. Best of all though was there clear focus on their philosophy, helping managers all over the world to achieve better results!

I hope as many of you as possible will get the chance to attend at least one of these event, while you get most of the knowledge & understanding in the podcasts, the conference deliver it even more powerful – with practice!

This is also a powerful place to meet other managers and future colleagues that want to achieve higher and is willing to take the time and effort it takes to get there.

In terms of my carer, it is no doubt the best investment I have ever done (and it’s relatively small one!).

Once again thanks to the MT teams & all the participants for making those two days so awesome! 

Kind Regards
Mads Sorensen

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I agree with mads, it was brilliant!

I attended the Effective Managers Conference - I attended the communications conference last time it was in London. Even though I have listened to the podcasts numerous times, I picked up loads of extra tips that will make the trinity easier to implement properly. Because it was a small group we could get loads of our questions answered. Also, it was great learning how to run a meeting properly - sticking to the agenda, using groundrules, using breaks effectively etc, etc, etc.

The best course I have ever attended!!!

Mike, Mark, Wendii and all attendees - thanks very much!