I just wanted to share an email I recieved from one of my directs today. We had a rather emotional one on one today, where many emoitions that had been bottled up came flowing out. One of those things was a smolding conflict with a co - worker. While I empathized with her plight (as I too have felt exactly the same way before) I had to walk the tightrope between being understanding yet being firm in describing how her behavior (e.g. ignoring the conflict, not communicating with her co worker, etc) was also ineffective behavior. I left the one on one wondering if I had damaged our relationship and wondering if I had been too firm or too direct. Needless to say, when I received this email I wanted to jump for joy.

I just wanted to share my success with everyone. For anyone who doubts the effectiveness or has that one troublesome employee who is a thorn in their side and drags their feet on the one on ones this is a great reason to keep going and keep trying!

Below is the email:


Thanks for your support. And you’re right…having a great relationship with someone does make us work more efficient together. I said some things out of anger and frustration and I learned that relationships mattered when I was at [company xyz]. I hadn’t forgotten….i say stupid things sometimes when Im pissed.

I will work really hard on it for YOU and Myself. I know that’s one of my needs … “dealing with conflict” !!! Im hoping it will get easier as I deal with it more.

Thanks for listening ![/i]

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Awesome! Congrats on your success!

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Nicely done!


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Nice! congrats!