I was recently hired to a new company after an almost 2 year lay off. I took a 50 percent drop in pay, but hey... at least I am working. 

I am in a room of fellow trainee's that are half my age and really sharp, the competition isn't going to be as easy as I thought. A shift dispute came up and 2 of us wanted to go to the same shift when we were finished with training. We both had our reasons for wanting the shift. It came down to the fact that on my application and in my phone interview I had said that I can only work that shift... even though I thought it was a strike against me. He said that he would work ANY shift, bad move. That's the only way it could be decided and that is how it played out. I got the shift that we both wanted.

If you have been out of work a while you start compromising just to get back in the game. I am so glad that I had told them my shift requirements and stated them the way I did. If you have a shift that you NEED to work then by all means, make sure that your future employer knows.