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Is it better to express revenue accomplishments in dollars or percents?

My revenue goals are small in comparison to most of the world, but large in terms of my organization. So percents may look good but could be viewed as being overstated, since the actual dollars are pocket change for large companies.

For example: To keep the math easy, say my revenue goals were $400K and I brought in $500K, is it better to write an accomplishment as:
-Exceeded FY11 revenue goals by $100K by improving inquiry capture and follow up processes.
-Exceeded FY11 revenue goals by 20% by improving inquiry capture and follow up processes.

What you do you think is more appropriate?

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There may be no "one size fits all" for a resume accomplishment.

I like dollars. I can do the percentages in my head. Further, when you list dollar amounts it shows that you have your eye on the budget and know the value of your accomplishments for the company. Dollar amounts, indirectly, also show the relative size of your company which may be helpful when you are searching for new opportunities.

However, when you need to shorten the item to one line a percentage (%) may save space. Ask yourself: what shows the greatest impact? Implementing a process that saves $xxx,000 PTOE or improves throughput 400%?

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Is there a reason not to put both?  $100k/25%.  If you do one I'd put dollars (no reason other than I'd say percents may seem evasive).  If they really are interested they'll ask for the other in the interview.