I'm Andrius from Denmark. A big fan of Manager Tools since 2005. Working on my CMD and CV now and have several questions. I am a DataScientist at  and before that I was an Assistant Professor at a university:

What's the best way to write an CV accomplishment from my ACADEMIC background?

Those are NOT presented as accomplishments yet, but i am trying to turn them into ones:

1. Developed a new MSc program at DTU Informatics, “Digital Media Engineering”, aiming at meeting industries’ demands for coupling engineering skills with business perspectives.

2. Published and presented 11 scientific publications in various journals and conference proceedings.

3. Developed and lectured 4 new courses at DTU on how to utilize various Web 2.0 technologies, metadata, social networks and machine learning methods in order to develop innovative media solutions.


Maybe somebody has a suggestion of how do i go about turning those into accomplishment bullets?

Thank you in advance