Has anyone ever written a business plan for your current role at work, and if so, do you have any ideas or resources that you'd be willing to share with me?

Our fiscal year at work runs from July - June, so we are just about to head into our FY11. My manager has asked all of his reports to create our own business plans for FY11.

I have a set of formal role-based comittments and accountabilities that come down from corporate, which I have to sign off on at the beginning of each fiscal year, which I will be be formally measured against during my mid-year and annual performance review. My business plan is *not* part of my committments and I will *not* formally be measured against anything in it. However, my business plan should obviously align closely with my formal committments. Really, the business plan is my execution strategy to nail my committments. My manager wants to see that I understand the things I will be measured on, and that I have developed a strategy to successfully complete, or overacheive, on each one.

I should also note that I am an individual contributor, not a manager. The specific role that I'm in is a very entreprenurial one that has a lot of flexibility, resources to leverage, and other internal organizations that I can delegate to. So my business plan should also show that I'm taking advantage of all the levers available to me in order to nail my committments, and not trying to do everything myself.

I went through this process last year and quite frankly I'm not happy with last years business plan. It was my first year in this role and a lot of things in my business plan were just vague or what I thought my manager wanted to see. I wrote it and then put it away until mid year review came around. This year, I really want my business plan to be my compass all year long. I don't want to put it on a shelf and forget about it like I did last year. I have a lot of lessons learned now that I have a full year in this role under my belt and I feel I have a much better understanding of how to succeed in this role than I did last year. I also have a lot of ideas to make my business plan much better than last years.

But I'd still welcome any thoughts or suggested resources from anyone that's gone through a similar process. Thanks!