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Please forgive me if this is way too basic of a question. I have never before read/subscribed to the WSJ. :oops: MT has convinced me that I need to!

Are there any recommendations for which version to subscribe to -- online or traditional? Is there a difference in the content? I am not a big fan of paper anything as it lends to clutter for me, so I'm leaning towards the online version. I don't want to miss any premium content, though.

I would welcome some advice and suggestions.


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I used to buy both the online and the paper edition and I prefer the online version. The main reason I prefer the online one is because there are updates constant versus the paper version which arrives once daily. There are some stories in the paper which don't come online and some content online which doesn't make it to the paper but the vast majority of the articles are published on both mediums. I'm young so the online edition could have been preferable to me since I've had a computer screen in front of me my entire life.

I no longer subscribe to either since I now prefer to get my news from a wide array of sources all around the internet. I wouldn't recommend this unless you want to spend a lot of time on just a slight increase in the amount of information you are getting.

If you do end up subscribing to either the online or the print and enjoy it, I highly recommend The Economist.

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I highly recommend both, but understand budget constraints and therefore can highly encourage just the online version. It's customizable, you can get alerts, everything.


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