WSJ -  Samuel A. Culbert


....thoughts?  Not sure its as inevitable as written/speculated herein the article.

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I thought these quotes were rather interesting...

"Asking and listening. Imagine that. It's called a conversation, and it's a rarity in workplaces today. Only by hearing what the other person thinks, and putting that person's actions in the appropriate context, can you actually see what the person is saying and doing -- and how together you can get where the company needs you to go."  Hmm, this sounds a lot like one-on-ones.

"the focus is on results, not personality".  Talking to your directs about performance sounds like a job for feedback.

"Instead, they'll get it straight that their job is to make everyone reporting to them good guys."  And how do we work on improved performance?  Hurray for coaching!

Is there anything the Management Trinity can't do?