Next week we have our scheduled year end performance reviews and the email HR sent says:

"A half hour performance review, with your team lead and department management, will be scheduled beginning November 2nd.  Year-end review meetings are a formal setting used to discuss your individual/team strengths and weaknesses, isolate problems, suggest solutions, review successes, discuss compensation or other concerns, and help both you and the firm along the path of continuous improvement.  A separate compensation review will take place during the month of December, but any compensation questions should be brought up during your review. "

My main area of concern is that of "discuss compensation" How and what should I say, If anything.  

Honestly I feel as if my salary is fine and that I would be hard pressed to find a job with similar compensation.

That being said I am fairly new out of college (less than 2 years) and I have become much more effective at my job in the last year and feel that I am worth a lot more to the company than I was a year ago. 

Should I be silent on the matter and let the cards fall as they will or should I bring it up?  I talked with my team lead during my one on one about this and he didnt have much to say as he is also fairly early on in his career and was asking himself the same question.

Any suggestion swould be greatly appreciated

If it matters at all I am a software developer at a company with less than 400 employees

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If you hustle, you can work through some of the highlights on what to review leading up to your review (in other words, "There's a cast for that!"

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Hi gdaniels13,

I experience much the same approach in my organization. I continue to remove the emotional subjective review aspect many of my peers and my manager resort to, and represent the "Does Good" and "Can do Better" including the how we are going to do better for myself and my directs.

My guidance is you do the same for yourself and update your personal "Does Good"& "Can do Better" whenever you get feedback and monthly.

Good luck,



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Please try to make a good comaprison with the latest paper submitted by the similar firm. You get some idea then try to follow it.