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A book from Glodstein, Martin and ... Cialdini

I really like the work Robert Cialdini did on the subject of Influence and manipulaiton.
His book about "Influence" was a passionating work about suming up different studies about manipulation and structuring them around 6 universal principle of influence : reciprocation, authority, consistency, scarcity, liking, and social proof.
I also listened to an audio conference on my Ipod and it was as much passionating, and this time with advice about how we can use those principles.

This new book is made of 50 little chapters. Each one of them give an example about how those principles have been used with success by scientifics, companies etc.

It is well written and easy to understand. It gives useful ideas on how to change little things in the way you communicate and get better results. It also helps you to understand better how "common sense" can sometime be misleading when we speak about mass communication.

At this time, I have just read about 1/3 of the book and I do not get bored ...

However, I don't think this book will help you much to improve your face to face communication in the company.
The perfect pieces of advice on that subject come from Mark and Mike in the podcast when they say we must "pay better attention", "give feedback", analyse using DISC model, adapt our messages to the listener, etc, etc

This book is more oriented toward mass communication.
The right tool to improve our strategy when creating messages for your customers.

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I have finished this book and can now say it is good not excellent, but good.
I can see it because I marked lots of pages.

There are not a lots of new theories compared to "Influence", but 50+ examples about how they can be used.

A good book if you want to learn about how to communicate in accordance to your goals.