Hello colleagues,

I recently converted my former 1.5 paged, heavily white spaced resume to the format you suggested and it looks great. I have received some encouraging feedback on it.

My question revolves around my wife. She has been a college lecturer for 20+ years. My job has taken us to a place where there are fewer types of these jobs. So she would like to move into the business world.

The issue is, although she has taught at a handful of different colleges and universities, her accomplishments have been extremely similar (e.g. same set of classes). Would it behoove her to format it more like a target resume or force it into your recommended format with creative ways of stating the same thing under each school:?:


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If she's applying to the business world, we really do recommend she bring it into the format we recommend, even when it seems at a disadvantage. Smart people will see her caliber, and a bad format is bad for everyone.