Is it appropriate for a new manager taking over a team to ask the team to provide their resumes to him or her?  I'm assuming it would be since this is kind of like an interview situation.

For that new manager, would it be a good idea for them to provide the team their resume so the team can see what the managers background is?


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I think it's quite appropriate to get a copy of your directs' resumes and read through them, to give you a shortcut to understanding their background and experience, and as a show of good faith you should start by giving everyone yours.  However, whatever you do, don't give even the slightest *hint* that this is any sort of "interview" or anything -- that will just make people think that you're there to cull, and they will live in fear of you forevermore.  Make sure you make it absolutely clear that you're after resumes *purely* to understand people better.  If you're not sure you can do that, you'd be much better off getting the background info in dribs and drabs through one-on-ones.

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 A new Manager would do well to find out what files on the directs were left behind by the previous manager.

He may also have significant access to personnel files in human resources - or in the local Admin's/Secretary's cabinet.

He may first wish to look into those files to see older resume's and employee reviews & notes.