Hey all,

What are your favorite blogs? Whether they are business/managerial focused or general life stuff, what do you have listed in your RSS feeder?

I love the blog postings that Wendi does for MT. Short and sweet with profound impact at times like the "Goethe" post, or some are down right funny like the "Faith" post.

Harvard and ManagerTools are on top of my list. A local business publication keeps me current, and my favorite preacher keep me intrigued with some challenging thoughts.

I only wish Drucker was around to blog...There's an idea, Drucker Quote's or Passages of the Day...anybody interested?


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There's a Drucker book with a quote for each day and an action item for it. I picked it up on Amazon a couple years ago and try to read each day's item. (I don't always succeed)

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Do you guys follow activity on ?


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The Daily Drucker, mentioned by TomW.

Not a blog, but very worthwhile.

Dennis Sherman

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I'm a big fan of Seth Godin's blog -

Always interesting and thought provoking.  Ostensibly it's about marketing, but I'd say it's useful to anyone in management.


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Thanks for this post - a great idea! Here are some blogs I track for management plus a little shameless self-promotion.

One Australian (not self-promotion): Leon Gettler provides a bunch of good insights. Always an enjoyable read and relatively quick to get through.

Life at the top: and These NYT and WSJ blogs help to give insight to CEO and other senior leadership roles.

Geopolitical insight: From the author of the World is Flat - Friedman gets it!

Another Australian (self promotion): My blog (inspired by Manager Tools!). :)

Hope at least one of these is useful to you.

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I read Seth Godin, and a few of the others mentioned above, but mostly a lot of science-y blogs.

I like sociological images, because they challenge me to think more deeply about things that I see around me:

I read Geek Feminism, because they discuss a lot of what happens in the tech community from the viewpoint of an outsider/insider

Applied Interpretation can be hit or miss, but usually is interesting:

And, you know.




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Some are very industry specific (like  <a href="">Josh Greenbaum</a>) but I also like technology blogs, such as <a href="">Read Write Web</a> and <a href="">TechCrunch</a>.

I REALLY like Google FastFlip.  I can rapidly scan a whole buncha stuff that I otherwise wouldn't have found.  Try it here:  <a href="">FastFlip</a>   One cool thing about FastFlip is that you can search on a topic, like, say, Management...and then flip through a bunch of sources you might not have found otherwise.  <a href="">Here's what that looks like.</a>

For fun, of course, and we all need fun, is <a href="">BoingBoing</a>

Finally, as my teenage son would point out, blogs are for old people.  In that spirit, I'll plug Twitter here.  There are lots of great tweeters out there - like Tim O'Reilly, if you're into technology.  My favorite tweeter is bug_girl, whose tweets never fail to inform, entertain, or broaden my horizons.  Of course, I've always had a thing for bugs...

John Hack


PS: if anyone knows why my anchor tags aren't working, I'd appreciate a private message so I can clean it up.  Thanks. 

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some other good tweeters:  (Merlin Man, who may be re-activating his 43 folders blog)

And for hilarious random tweets:

Unfortunately, Kathy Sierra no longer twitters or blogs, as best I can tell. :(