I want to share with you that today (Thursday, 10/2/2014) I received official notice of my new employment with US Department of Labor. This is the result of about 1-1/2 years search for a US federal government position. I sought the change due to the instability in the federal government consulting environment for someone of my tenure, experience, and professional focus (meaning I'm a general management consultant and don't have a specialty such as engineering or an IT area). I am sharing this with you because two of your products helped me attain this. First, the Resume Workbook was amazing (even though I never got down to one page despite some coaching from Wendii. Besides, resume rules don't apply to the US federal government pursuit/application process.) What the Resume Workbook DID do for me for the federal applications was focus on RESULTS!!! On the first and second interview with the agency I am joining, it was clear they saw I got results and they asked questions about those results. Second, the Interview Series was awesome. Even though I have nearly 30 years professional experience, I had not been through any real interviews. The few I went through in the past -- in the military service and after -- were all prewired (yes, Mark, that's an affirmation of the value of your decision meeting prewire podcast!) So going into a real interview was a new and frightful (as a high-C) experience. The Interviewing Series helped me prepare enough to be comfortable that I could respond to any question that would be put to me. The proof is that I got called back for a second interview, and was offered the position. Thanks for all you do. For the Resume Workbook, for the Interview Series, and even more, for continuing to work to help every manager -- including executives -- be effective. (BTW, I finally started reading Drucker's Effective Executive and love it!)

Douglas H. Borden III