You may remember we met at the Palo Alto conference in late January this year. I have been working as the Director of Human Resources at Shasta College in Redding, CA. I had begun using some of the Manager Tools prior to the conference, but since gaining the knowledge and experience provided in the full presentation and practice with O3s, feedback, delegation, coaching, and using DISC to improve my communications, I have made significant improvements in the performance of the HR Department and in the management guidance and support I provide managers throughout the college. Last week those results were recognized when I successfully competed for a promotion to the Associate Vice President of Human Resources position for the college. As the chief HR officer, I will expand my role to serve in an executive leadership capacity, sitting on the President's cabinet and guiding the college's strategic direction with the senior management team. Thank you for the work you are doing to provide practical, actionable, and effective guidance to those of us eager to fully develop our leadership craft. You have made a significant contribution to my growth and development as a manager and I am grateful.

Greg Smith